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Brochure and Leaflet Design Services

Depending on your target business, offline marketing material can be a lifeline to your enterprise. My marketing skills aren’t just limited to the digital world, I can also provide brochure and leaflet design services for your business. 

Yes, the online world has taken over the marketing industry by storm, but it’s hard to trump a physical copy, which can be pinned to a board, stuck to a fridge, shared with a friend or presented nicely on a reception desk. And what’s better than being able to proudly talk about your business while pointing to your services in a glossy brochure, very professional right?

Background in leaflet design

I started my career copywriting for in-flight brochures. While I was typing away the copy, I gained a few tips from the pros in the design studio working in InDesign. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Don’t worry, you can leave the technical stuff to me. That’s what I’m here for after all.

Over time I was able to hone my graphic design skills and have designed quite a few marketing brochures, leaflets and business cards for business in Sussex.

Fast forward to now, working as a freelancer in Worthing, I’d be more than happy to grab a coffee or pop on a video call if you’d like to discuss your offline marketing needs.

Hey Pippa, do you offer logo design and printing services?

When it comes to logo design, I don’t personally design logos for businesses, however, I can put you in touch with a number of highly talented local graphic designers who I have worked with over the years. 

If you would rather go through me to print your brochures, leaflets or business cards that’s no problem at all. I have developed relationships with a number of established local and online printing companies that offer very competitive printing rates. 

Start your digital marketing journey with me today

Get in touch to discuss my brochure, business card and leaflet design services. 


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